May 29 Webinar: Sponsorship

We need Toledo region companies and organizations to help sponsor an all-day webinar about User Experience on May 29th.

  • What: 31 Practical UX Tips from well-known UX experts. 6 hours of presentations to help you improve the quality of experiences you design.
  • When: Wednesday, May 29th, 2013, from 9am to 5pm.
  • Where: BGSU at Levis Commons.
  • Who: Companies & organizations in the region who want to give their employees,  clients or members top-notch education about user experience, without the expense or bother of travelling to a conference.
  • Why: These UX tips will help you make better software, sell more products, and have happier customers.
  • How: A $100 sponsorship will guarantee you 4 seats at the webinar and let you hang out with other UX leaders in the Toledo region.

Interested? Read more information below and contact Keith Instone by email at instone at user-experience dot org!

Not interested in 4 tickets and recognition as a sponsor? Individuals can also register.

31 Tips, 6 Experts, 1 Day. May 29.

Rosenfeld Summit, 31 Practical UX Tips, May 29th, 10am-5pm ET

  • The 1-day virtual conference is called the Rosenfeld Summit, put on by Rosenfeld Media, publishers of great UX books, and more. May 29th.
  • The theme is “31 incredibly valuable pieces of advice that will dramatically improve and strengthen your UX practice” from “UX experts you know and respect:” Steve Krug, Luke Wroblewski, Susan Weinschenk, Aarron Walter, Jeffrey Eisenberg, and Whitney Quesenbery.
  • Read over the full details at Environments for Humans, which puts on other conferences, is a partner (read more about it from them).
  • Individuals can pay $179 to attend the webinar (alone). We will be doing a meeting room ticket ($479) which allows us to project the session to a large crowd and thus greatly lowers the cost per person.


  • The event will take place at BGSU at Levis Commons, in their largest classroom (holds 70). We initially planned to have it at Seed Coworking, but the response has been tremendous and we become too large of a crowd for Seed.
  • We are not allowed to make a profit by putting on the local version of this webinar. We are soliciting sponsors to cover the expenses ($479 for the group ticket, plus other costs). If we have any money left over, we will give it back in some way, such as buying Rosenfeld Media books for attendees, or purchasing breakfast, soft drinks and snacks.
  • We expect the day to start at 9am for networking and community news. The morning session (3 talks) is 10am-1pm and the afternoon session (3 talks) is 2pm-5pm. We will have a catered lunch, so people can stay together during the break. We may have breakfast, depends on how much money we have left over.
  • We assume people will come and go during the day if they have urgent work to do, but we hope people plan to be there for the whole day. You can get some work done during the webinar (e.g., check email). Some sponsors may want to share morning and afternoon seats, so if someone knows they can only make half of the day, then someone else can have their seat the other half of the day.

We have enough sponsors to cover the costs of the event, so we have opened up the remaining seats to individuals to register for.

Sponsorship Package

We are helping fund the Toledo region Rosenfeld Summit on May 29th by finding sponsors (and not relying only on individual purchases).

  • The basic sponsorship package costs $100 and includes 4 guaranteed seats, recognition as a sponsor during the day, and a chance to address attendees (a short 5 minute talk in the morning or during lunch). 
  • A sponsor can get additional seats for $25 each, so $125 = 5 seats, $150 = 6, and so on.
  • Each sponsor is in charge of allocating their seats as they see fit. A company may want employees to attend. Or invite clients. Or find some worthy students. A sponsor cannot charge money for their seats, however.
  • Seats can be assigned for the whole day, just the morning, or just the afternoon. So with 4 seats, up to 8 people could attend on behalf of a sponsor who gives $100.
  • A sponsor is not required to use all of their seats. They can donate some or all of their seats to become available to the general public.

We are open to ideas for sponsoring lunch, such as finding a local restaurant who will provide food for free, or having a company pay specifically for lunch.

We are also letting community groups support the event. They do not contribute money, but add to the conference in other ways (such as marketing) and get a few seats as a way of saying thanks.

Benefits of Sponsorship

  • Guarantees you some seats for the webinar. Great UX content without having to fly to a conference.
  • Reward some of your employees or members with time away from the daily grind to learn something new and hang out with other interesting UX people.
  • Improve the quality of the experiences you design. Make better software, sell more apps, have happier customers.
  • Support our growing user experience community in the Toledo region. Learn who else is doing interesting UX work. Maybe you will want to hire them someday.

If you are interested in sponsoring the Toledo region Rosenfeld Summit on May 29th, contact Keith Instone by email at instone at user-experience dot org to talk about the details!

You can also help us spread the word about the webinar. You can follow @UXToledoRegion, retweet things from us, or do your own marketing of the event. It takes a village!

Rest of the Plan

The overall timetable for logistics and other details (all subject to change):

  • May 1: Open up this “call for sponsors” officially and start to get firm commitments. Several groups have indicated an interest in sponsoring: now we start getting commitments.
  • May 8: Promotion at the Toledo Web Professionals Meetup.
  • May 15: Have all of the sponsor commitments in place so we can make the final call on location, lunch, and how many seats to make available to the public. Open it up for individuals to sign up.
  • May 23: Seats assignments from the sponsors (and individuals) are finalized.
  • May 29: Attend the webinar!
  • June: Share follow-up information with attendees, such as how to get access to recordings of the sessions.

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