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Thanks to the early sponsors

Thanks to the early sponsors for the Toledo region UX tips conference, slated for April 24th at BGSU at Levis Commons.

There are several more organizations who have told me they are interested, just have not committed yet. Still more opportunities!

Also, individual ticket sales start next week, in case you want to attend on your own and not as a team.


Call for sponsors: 2014 UX Tips (virtual) conference

We need sponsors so we can host another UX Tips virtual conference in the Toledo region.

  • Who: Anyone interested in user experience in the Toledo region
  • What: A conference with in-person and virtual speakers, and other activities
  • When: April 24, 2014, 8:15am – 6pm
  • Where: BGSU at Levis Commons, Perrysburg, Ohio
  • Why: Professional development for you and your employees

Sponsors help pay for the content, the venue, the food, and other expenses. In return, sponsors get recognized in all marketing materials, a steep discount on tickets, and a chance to present to the group.

Check out the Sponsorship details, including more about the program and the various things we need support for.


Practical UX Tips Virtual Conference: April 24, 2014

It is time to start planning the Toledo Region meeting room for the next Rosenfeld Media UX Tips virtual conference. Last year’s event was a big success and the feedback was “do it again” and do not change much.

About the virtual conference this year:

  • Same UX tips format, 32 tips this time instead of 31.
  • Different speakers, but still superstars: Brenda Laurel, Christina Wodtke, Dave Gray, Kim Goodwin, Leah Buley, Steve Portigal.
  • April 24th (a Thursday), about a month sooner than last year.
  • 10am to 5pm, a different speaker each hour, with a few minutes for questions and barely enough time to chat with your colleagues and take a bathroom break in between the presentations. Lunch break from 1-2pm.
  • Still virtual, of course: watching the speakers over the internet, projected on large screen(s), while we all watch in the same room. And access to the recordings afterwards.

Check out the description at to learn more about the virtual conference.

For the local logistics, again, probably not going to change much:

  • I am checking to see if BGSU at Levis Commons is available.
  • Having local companies “sponsor” by committing to buy a certain number of tickets, to make sure we will have enough attendees to buy the meeting room ticket.
  • After the companies grab their blocks of tickets, charging individuals for tickets until we are full.
  • Having coffee, lunch, snacks and drinks included. Prizes and other goodies if we can.

The expenses will be something around $1500. With 50 attendees, then that is $30 each to break even, which is the goal.

I am open to new ideas as well. Other locations, other funding models, whatever.

Contact me at instone at if you want to propose something new or different. More importantly, contact me if you are interested in “sponsoring” in some way.


Recordings from Rosenfeld Summit

Attendees got an email a few minutes ago (Wednesday, 6/5, around noon) via Eventbrite with information about how to access the recordings. It has the login and password information and a link for each session.

I assume that people will lose this email. Later, when you actually want to watch the recordings, you will be baffled about how to get to them. At that point, contact me and I will be glad to send you the info again.

Also, do not forget 2 other follow-ups from the event:

  • Discount code for Rosenfeld Media books. 31% off, but only until June 6th.
  • Take the follow-up survey. Tell us how it went, what could have been better, and what you want to do next.



Rosenfeld Summit follow-up

Thanks to everyone who attended the Rosenfeld Summit on Wednesday in the Toledo region. Everyone seemed to enjoy it! And thanks to the sponsors: without them, it would not have happened.

Attendees got an email a few minutes ago (Friday, 5/31, around noon) via Eventbrite with important information:

  • Discount code for Rosenfeld Media books. 31% off, but only until June 6th.
  • Links to download the presentation decks.
  • Link to the follow-up survey. Tell us how it went, what could have been better, and what you want to do next.


Schedule for the day

Here is the schedule for the day, May 29th, at BGSU at Levis Commons (directions below if you need them).

  • 8:30am – Check-in begins, lobby. Coffee & juice in Rooms 102 & 103. Networking and socializing.
  • 9:00am (roughly) – Introductions and announcements.
  • 10:00am – Webinar begins, Steve Krug, who will highlight and explain five tips that have had the most impact with his clients, such as, “Spend an hour each week doing usability testing of your competitors’ stuff with your whole team observing.”
  • 11:00am – Webinar: Whitney Quesenbery, who will focus on content and how to make it better for everyone, reminding us of time-tested principles such as “recognition, not recall.”
  • 11:30am – Lunch arrives from JB’s Sarnie Shoppe (get some food during short breaks).
  • Noon – Webinar: Jeffrey Eisenberg, who will explain how “micro-copy is critical to conversion” (among other things).
  • 1pm – Break from the webinar, get some more food, announcements and prize raffle.
  • 2pm – Webinar: Susan Weinschenk, who will share her uncommon wisdom, advising us that “most mental processing occurs unconsciously. If you design for the conscious mind only you are missing the boat.”
  • 3pm – Webinar: Aarron Walter, who will explain how his team consistently delivers state-of-the-art work though a novel testing philosophy: “Use it while you design it.”
  • 4pm – Webinar: Luke Wroblewski, who will share his special talent for combining his technology and design knowledge with inventive solutions, such as, “Employ just-in-time actions to reveal features only when needed.”
  • 5pm – Wrap-up, just a few comments. Need to be out of the room by 5:30pm for a class that comes in at 6.

Afterwards, people are welcome to migrate to Bar Louie or Fat Fish Blue for socializing or dinner.


  • Turn into the main Levis Commons entrance from Route 25 (south of I-475 interchange)
  • Go straight through the shopping area
  • Look for the clock tower with the green roof (just before you get to the hotel)
  • Turn right in the roundabout at the clock tower
  • BGSU at Levis Commons is on the right

If you are coming from out of town, here are directions to Levis Commons. The address is 1655 N. Wilkinson Way, Perrysburg, OH 43551 but the mapping services do not always show the correct location.


Online participation during the webinar

To get the most out of the webinar experience, we encourage you to participate in online activities during the event.

Global participation

To engage global attendees in discussions, tweet with #31UXTips & track it to see what others are saying.

Mention the speakers when quoting them, commenting on their tips and asking them questions.

The global organizers and sponsors are also worth mentioning & thanking at some point:

Local participation

Use #UXTR to engage the Toledo region UX community in discussions during the event (and afterwards).

We are also using the Facebook event (created by Seed Coworking) to share pictures and have discussions.

Finally, please engage with our sponsors and supporters both at the event and online to learn more about them & thank them.




We will be raffling off prizes during the 1pm break of the Toledo Region Rosenfeld Summit UX Webinar. When you check in Wednesday morning, be sure to get a red raffle ticket, write your name on it, and put it in the raffle bowl.


Check out the prizes ahead of time so when your name is drawn, you can choose which one you want. Approximate value in [brackets].

Books from Rosenfeld Media

Software and Services

  • A test with 3 participants from [$147]
  • 1 copy of Camtasia (PC or Mac) from TechSmith [$99-299]
  • 1 copy of Camtasia (PC or Mac) from TechSmith [$99-299]
  • 1 copy of Morae (PC only) from TechSmith [$1495]

Virtual Seminars from UIE

Book: Autographed by the authors

There is still time to sign up and join us if you have not already!


Rosenfeld Summit update

Individual registrations for the Toledo region viewing of the May 29 Rosenfeld Summit Webinar “31 Awesomely Practical UX Tips” are going well. Only $25 until Sunday, then $5 more starting next week. We might sell out, so do not wait!

Lunch will be catered by JB’s Sarnie Shoppe. Sandwiches and salads. It will arrive around 11:30am so we can start eating during the morning webinars and not wait until the break at 1pm.

Morning coffee will be from The Flying Joe. We will not have a full breakfast, so you may want to eat something before you come in the morning.

We will have prizes for attendees! We will be raffling off Rosenfeld Media books, access to virtual seminars from UIE, copies of TechSmith software, and free testing from