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November news

World Usability Day road trip, Visual literacy conference

The Toledo Web Professionals are organizing a road trip to Detroit for World Usability Day on November 13th. World Usability Day includes hundreds of local events around the world: the theme this year is engaging user experiences.

For the road trip, we leave at 5pm, listen to two talks in downtown Detroit (one about potty training and one on engaging city residents), and enjoy the company of UX colleagues on the way up and back.

RSVP at the TWP meetup event to be a part of the carpool and then get your $5 ticket at the Detroit UX meetup.

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Road Trip to WIAD, Ann Arbor, Feb 15

Please consider joining the Toledo Web Professionals on a road trip to Ann Arbor on Saturday, February 15th for World Information Architecture Day. Eight of us carpooled from Toledo last year and we had a great time. The trip up and back was enjoyable, hanging out together was fun, and the conference was great.

World Information Architecture Day 2014 will take place in 24 locations and we are lucky to again have one, Ann Arbor, be very close. The exact program for Ann Arbor is not set yet, but they have announced some of the talks/speakers [updated with final list of speakers and topics]:

  • Form Follows Forces by Dan Klyn & Abby Covert
  • Architecting the Information of Society by Dan Cooney
  • Undiscovered Public Knowledge & IA by James Kalbach
  • Ubiquitous computing and the in-store shopping environment by Jonathan MorganKarl Fast
  • Boundaries of Architectural Practice by Paul Dannels
  • Lightning talks by Claire Barco, Michael Beasley, Sean Marshall, Vanessa Moore, Juan Pasquier

To join us on this road trip, RSVP at the TWP meet-up event so we know who is going and can plan the car pools. Or course, you can also attend WIAD A2 on your own.

Also, be sure to register for the event. It is free but you still need to register so they know how many people to expect.

Later, we will figure out exactly where to meet, when to leave Toledo, who is driving, and when we are coming back.

WIAD is a great event. You can watch a selection of videos from the first two years: from the Ann Arbor events and others around the world.


November events

Local UX events in November around the world are often lined up with World Usability Day (2nd Thursday each year). A lot of local groups shift their monthly schedule and topic to match WUD. This year, that is November 14th.

Big event in the Toledo Region for WUD: Web usability panel at BGSU.

Within a few hours drive, there are lots of events to choose from for WUD:

The UP is too far to drive, but I noticed they are having their own all-day conference. Also a bit farther, Chicago is having a week-long series of events, which I think will be the next stage in local community events (“User experience week including World Usability Day”), similar to some “design weeks” that have cropped up. (A bit of history on the early stages of WUD.)

There are a few other things that happened/are happening this month, but just about everything is on the 14th.

Looking ahead to December:



October events

What is happening in the Toledo region in October for people interested in user experience.

  • October 1: The UT Internet Marketing Conference covers some UX-related topics like findability, publishing, social media and mobile.
  • October 9: Agile Software Development Methods might include something about how UX methods like iterative design and usability testing  work hand-in-hand in agile environments.
  • October 16-19: Road trip to Midwest UX. Carpool to the best UX conference in the area!
  • October 24: Ignite UX. 5 minutes/20 slides on various UX topics. In Ann Arbor, but I am partnering with the organizers to encourage more of us to attend from the Toledo region.

And save November 14th for World Usability Day at BGSU. More details coming.

Other road trip opportunities, or if you happen to be near one of these cities already, attend to meet others interested in UX.

More October road-trippable events will be added: seems like not a lot of them have been advertised yet.


Car pool, limo/shuttle to Midwest UX?

I am definitely going to Grand Rapids, MI, for Midwest UX. Workshops are Thursday, October 17 and the conference is Friday & Saturday October 18 & 19.

I would rather not drive all of the way there and back by myself. I’d rather carpool with others to make the travel more enjoyable. I am also willing to book a limo/shuttle service so we can really enjoy the trip. I have a quote from 1 service that costs roughly $50/person each way, so $100 total per person. For example, a 6-person van is $650 and a 10-passenger limo is $1000.

My travel dates/times are flexible.

  • I can leave Wednesday evening for people who are attending a Thursday workshop: I am not planning on attending a workshop, but I can work remotely from there. I can depart on Thursday.
  • I can depart right away after the conference on Saturday, at 6pm. I can leave following the after-party, later in the evening. I could leave Sunday morning, if others wanted to party late and stay in the hotel 1 more night (but I suspect most of you would rather not).

Who wants to join me?

  • Colleagues from here in the Toledo region. I know some people from Hanson are going to the conference. Who else?
  • If you are in Ann Arbor, we will be passing through on our way and could stop and get you.
  • If you are coming from Cleveland, Columbus or south of us, you might be passing through the Toledo area. You could park here and take the “Toledo shuttle” the rest of the way.

Contact me if you are interested! Let me know your range of travel times/dates so we can see what might work.




September events

What is happening related to user experience this month.

In the region

Road trippable

Planning ahead

  • September 30 – October 5: Cincinnati Design Week. Evening talks, TEDx conference, crawls and parties.
  • October 4: Destinations workshop. It’s about planning, a crucial aspect of corporate user experience success.
  • October 17-19: Midwest UX. World-class conference, a few hours drive away. Want to carpool?
  • October 24: Ignite UX in Ann Arbor. A fun night of short talks about UX. Submit your topic by September 12th!
  • November 14: World Usability Day event in the Toledo region is in the works. 

August events

What is happening related to user experience in the Toledo region and within road-trip distance in August.

In the region

Road trips

Looking ahead

There are some big local events in September to plan ahead for.

  • September 9: AIGA Toledo’s Rock, Paper, Sizzle and Pixels of Fury. Social event, fundraiser, album art show and design tournament, all rolled into one.
  • September 12: Rosenfeld Virtual Conference: Mobile UX Summit. Tentative: only if someone else (not me) is willing to host it and deal with the logistics.
  • September 19: TEDxToledo. The 2nd edition of TEDxToledo features local thought leaders and doers for an all-day conference that should inspire UXers and everyone else.
  • September 20-22: Startup Weekend Toledo. The 2nd edition of this business design extravaganza needs UI and other designers to participate on teams as they go from idea to business model to prototype to pitch in 1 intense weekend.

Farther out (in time and in place), here are some more events that you should be considering:

  • September 25-27: WebVisions Chicago. Includes many great UX topics and speakers.
  • September 30 – October 5: Cincinnati Design Week. Collection of evening talks, TEDx conference, crawls and parties.
  • October 17-19: Midwest UX in Grand Rapids, MI. It is a top-notch UX conference you do not need to fly to.
  • October 24: Ignite UX in Ann Arbor. A fun night of short talks about UX. Submit your topic by September 12th!
  • November 14: Local World Usability Day event. Host, location, other details TBD, but save the date. We will likely have it in the evening so you can also go to the EPIC Toledo Summit.

Busy times!


July events

July is a vacation month for many of us, but there are still some local events related to user experience planned. And plenty of road trip (2.5 hour drive or less) opportunities.

In the Region in July

And in early August: AIGA Toledo Ice Cream & Beer Social, August 3. More info. RSVP on Facebook.

On the Road in July

For me, the big road trip is to DC for a User Experience Professionals Association annual conference, July 9-12.

As always, let me know if you know of something else about UX in the area. If you are planning on going on one of these road trips, contact me or tweet with #UXTR. Maybe we can organize a carpool.


June Road Trips

We had two UX events in May: Josh Walsh by TWP on May 8th and the awesome Rosenfeld Summit on May 29th. There won’t be anything focused on UX around here in June, but there are several options within a few hours drive.

(Map added June 8. See the interactive map.)


Let me know if you want to go to any of these. Tweet with #UXTR or contact me.