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Morville Week is Here!

intertwingled-coverThe week of Peter Morville’s talk at NWSPUG has finally arrived! After starting our planning process in February, it is exciting to have his talk about the Architecture of Understanding within sight: this Wednesday, June 15th, at the Auditorium at One SeaGate.

  • 10:00am: Show up early and visit the Toledo Design Center (see below)
  • 10:30am: Check in upstairs and network in the art gallery outside the auditorium (bring a copy of your Eventbrite receipt to speed up check-in)
  • 11:00am: Introductions and Peter’s talk
  • 11:45am (roughly): Q&A, book raffle, etc.
  • Noon: Lunch, downstairs in the food court: Small group discussions over lunch, eat outside along the river, visit TDC, etc. (Bring your Eventbrite recepit to speed up getting lunch)
  • 1:00pm: Head back to work

There are a few spots left: register if you want to attend.

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Peter Morville interview

In order to prepare a little for Peter Morville’s talk in Toledo on June 15th, I thought it would be interesting to check in with him on a few things. Here are a few questions for Peter and his answers. If you have not registered for his talk & lunch on 6/15, there are still some seats left. Free!

— Keith

What has been the reaction to your Architecture of Understanding talks in other cities? Which trips have been the most memorable and why? Continue reading

Peter Morville, June 15th

Peter Morville is speaking in Toledo during lunch on Wednesday, June 15th! NWSPUG and Tech Toledo are the organizers and it is open to the public. The event will take place at the Auditorium at One SeaGate (Fifth Third Center) in downtown Toledo. Free lunch, stimulating talk about the Architecture of Understanding, and a chance to hang out with some of the region’s most interesting people. Register at Eventbrite.

morville-mwux intertwingled-cover intertwingled-cover

Wait, who is Peter Morville?

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Parking for April 12 event at BGSU

Parking for the April 12 User Insights for the Whole Team with Darren Kall should be straight-forward.

I recommend you park in LOT N, between the new Wolfe Center, the Library, and Memorial Hall (old basketball arena). After 6pm, Lot N is open to the public and the majority of the lot is free (green on the map below). “Doors” open for the BGSU ACM event at 6:30pm, so Lot N is the most convenient option for visitors.


Map showing Lot N and walking path to Overman. Select the map to get a larger version (that you may want to print).

Get to Lot N by going west on Ridge from Mercer (at the Ice Arena), or south on Willard from Poe (near the Airport).

From Lot N, it is a short and pleasant walk to Overman Hall.

If you wish to park closer, there are several pay lots. Lot 6 is VERY close but fills up fast. We recommend this for anyone needing a handicapped parking spot. Lot 7 by the Student Union is also close, but part is under construction so the parking is limited. You can also pay in Lot N (orange area on the map), but be sure to pay until 7:30pm.

No need to print a PDF parking pass to put on your dashboard (as I originally thought we might need to do).

Be sure to register at Eventbrite to get a reminder about the parking and news about any changes. See you there!


Two UX talks, April 12 & 14

Tuesday April 12 & Thursday April 14 each have a major User Experience event.

April 12, 6:30pm, at BGSU: User Insights for the Whole Team, by Darren Kall.

Tech Toledo & the BGSU Student ACM chapter are partnering to bring Darren Kall from Dayton to campus to show us the value of direct contact with real users.

  • Learn the personal and corporate value of direct contact with real users
  • Recognize opportunities to connect with users and learn how to engage with them
  • Become empowered to put these techniques into practice and be confident you can do them well
  • Get resources about where to learn more so you can continue to get insights from users

Learn more about the talk and Darren at

Seats are limited, so be sure to register. Parking will not be a problem! Parking directions and a parking pass will be sent to attendees.

April 14 at the Lima Tech Conference: When User Experience Becomes Mission Critical

I am giving a UX talk at the 2016 Tech Conference. I will share stories and examples of how companies have made progress along their journey to mission critical user experiences.

  • User interface design: from “lipstick on a pig” to guidelines and standards that improve usability, reduce costs, and increase business value
  • Requirements processes: from spreadsheets of features to priorities based on deep user insights
  • Project management: from waterfall management focused on cost-savings to agile & iterative design and development focused on quality, hypothesis-testing and user satisfaction
  • Governance: from chaos and technology-driven decision making to portfolios of projects based on user experience (and business value) benefits

Learn more about the conference at Registration starts at only $20 for the whole day!

Hope to see you at one or both of these events.


Upcoming UX events

Looking for some UX education, networking or inspiration later this year? The Toledo Web Professionals have one meeting planned and one in the works.

The big event in the midwest will be Midwest UX 2014 in Indianapolis, October 23-25. I will be arranging some sort of road trip so we can carpool. The conference will be great: traveling together will make the trip even better.

If I hear about anything else, I will let you know.


The Art of Video Games

From June to September, the Toledo Museum of Art will have an exhibit and programming that should be of interest to user experience professionals (and many others).

The Art of Video Games is about the interplay of graphics, technology and storytelling, and thus, it is about user experience. It covers 20 gaming systems from 1997 to 2005, including Commodore 64, Nintendo, Sega, Xbox, DOS & Windows. The exhibit is made up of still images, videos, interviews, consoles on display, and games to play.TAOVG-ArTMAttersCover2

It aims to show that video games are more than code and graphics; interaction design and storytelling also contribute to video game experiences. Over time, elements of video game experiences have bled into other forms of entertainment and non-game digital experiences. Even if you do not work on video games, I think you will be inspired and informed by the exhibit, helping you plan, design, and code user experiences in other contexts.

The exhibition started at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in 2012, then went on the road. It was in Phoenix at this time last year and arrives in Toledo from Yonkers in a few weeks. Learn some more about the exhibit: watch videos on YouTube, scan #TAoVG (general exhibit hashtag) & #GameOnTMA (local exhibit/program hashtag), buy the book, read the history, check out the local media kit.

The museum has more than just this exhibit to attend! There are parties, talks, movies, and panels about the video game industry.

  • Chris Melissinos, the curator of the exhibit, will be giving a presentation and doing a book signing on Friday, June 20th at 7pm to help kick off the exhibit at TMA.
  • Exhibit opening party, June 21, 8pm to midnight, sponsored by UXTR supporter Hanson Inc.
  • Thursday evening film showings of WarGames (July 24) and The Last Starfighter (August 21), with perhaps another one to be announced.
  • Friday evening panels “Life of a Pro Gamer” (July 18) and “Where are video games headed?” (August 15).
  • Added 7/26: AIGA Toledo is having a Cocktails & Creatives in conjunction with the exhibit on August 1st.

Check out Toledo Tech Events tag TAOVG for more information on each of these events, and an updated list as more are announced.

There are even more things going on, loosely related to the exhibition, not listed at Toledo Tech Events. If you have kids age 10 or under, there are Family Center activities planned related to the video game theme. The Community Gallery has an exhibit on Computer Generated Art which opens on May 16th.

See you there!


PS. If you are talking with a colleague and want to point them to more information, use “gameon dot toledomuseum dot org“.

November events

Local UX events in November around the world are often lined up with World Usability Day (2nd Thursday each year). A lot of local groups shift their monthly schedule and topic to match WUD. This year, that is November 14th.

Big event in the Toledo Region for WUD: Web usability panel at BGSU.

Within a few hours drive, there are lots of events to choose from for WUD:

The UP is too far to drive, but I noticed they are having their own all-day conference. Also a bit farther, Chicago is having a week-long series of events, which I think will be the next stage in local community events (“User experience week including World Usability Day”), similar to some “design weeks” that have cropped up. (A bit of history on the early stages of WUD.)

There are a few other things that happened/are happening this month, but just about everything is on the 14th.

Looking ahead to December:



Web Usability Panel, November 14th

Plans for World Usability Day in the Toledo region are taking shape. November 14, BGSU, panel about web usability. Here are some places to learn more – hope you can make it.