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July Ohio UX Encounter

During the June Ohio UX Encounter about 24 Hours of UX, we talked about how to keep track of all of the opportunities to attend online meetups, webinars, conferences, etc., in the age of Covid. (By the way, recordings of all 24 hours are now available.)

Let’s get together on July 6th (7pm ET, register at Eventbrite) and explore what various UX communities of interest & practice are doing online in July.

Working list: created July 1, updated July 6

Coming up in July


“Midwest” based

Elsewhere in North America

Around the world

Places to look for more events

By no means complete and I won’t be able to keep up as more gets scheduled this month, and beyond. Above, I specifically did not list events by profit-focused organizations, for example. You may need to do some exploring on your own:

Places to look for more communities

Finding and figuring out the value of UX communities is another big challenge. Just dipping our toes in the water here…

A sample to get us started and trigger a discussion during the July 6th encounter, 7pm.

Join us! (Register at Eventbrite.)


May Ohio UX Encounters

The reaction to Encounters in April was positive, so I will do more in May. We will keep the “every 4 days” schedule. Noon (ET USA) will be the most common time, with some 8am, 4pm, and 8pm here and there.

Same basic format: online get-togethers for UX practitioners and professionals in Ohio to meet each other, talk about crisis/remote work challenges, jobs, state-wide collaborations to advance the profession, and anything else that comes up.

We have more “special topic” experiments slated in April, but I am already planning for some in May. If you would like to join us and lead a discussion about a topic, contact me ( I am actively recruiting people from Ohio universities to talk about what they are teaching. And I am inviting local group leaders to discuss what their members need to become better practitioners, and perhaps even professionals. Underlying it all are conversations about helping Ohio’s UX workforce drive economic success and social impact.

We have had people from outside Ohio join. Not a problem!

Register at Eventbrite. You will then get added to a Google calendar invite with the online meeting details. Eventbrite will send you a reminder email a few hours before the event, with a list of who else has signed up.

The Schedule

For the rest of April:

In May (updated 4/23):

Eventbrite page to register for any of the May Encounters.

Keith Instone

Encounters for Ohio UX’ers

After trying out some “virtual lunches” with my user experience colleagues in Ohio, to help us stay professionally close while we are physically distant, I have decided to try a series of them, with some tweaks.

“Ohio User Experience Encounters” are online meetings for UX practitioners and professionals in Ohio to meet each other, hang out, talk about remote work challenges, jobs, and anything else that comes up (like science fiction movies). Maybe some state-wide collaborations will emerge.

  • “Encounters”, as in “to encounter a new situation” and “a casual, unexpected, or brief meeting.”
  • Some of the meetings will be around lunch time (that is a good time for many), but we will do other times of day to increase the chances of more people being able to participate at least once.
  • It is FREE to attend, but you will need to sign up at Eventbrite, to help me plan and stay in touch with everyone interested, but also so that I can pre-introduce everyone before an encounter starts.
  • After you sign up for a particular encounter, I will add you to a Google calendar invite with a (Zoom) link/phone # to join the online meeting.

Over time, we might structure it more, such as using a Lean Coffee tool or having featured guests (e.g., a company with job openings or a university class).

One recurring theme will be what local UX-related groups are planning and need help with. Example groups: UX Akron, UXPA Cleveland, IxDA Columbus, Lean UX Columbus, UX Dayton, IxDA Cincinnati, AIGA Toledo, CXPA networks . We might also discuss developing local UX talent that Ohio organizations need. We won’t turn away anyone who does not live in Ohio, but they may not find the encounters that useful.

Below is the schedule for April. We will try every 4 days, meeting once every day of the week over the month, and rotating between 8am, Noon, 4pm, and 8pm.

  • April 2, Thursday, Noon
  • April 6, Monday, 4pm
  • April 10, Friday, 8pm
  • April 14, Tuesday, 8am
  • April 18, Saturday, Noon
  • April 22, Wednesday, 4pm
  • April 26, Sunday, 8pm

Look at your calendar and register for one or more April encounters at Eventbrite. Invite local group organizers who have not heard about this yet, and any other UX practitioners who you think would be interested in advancing the profession in Ohio.

Keith Instone