October Newsletter

Two big events this week: Midwest UX in Indianapolis (Thursday – Saturday) and Ignite UX Michigan in Ann Arbor (Tuesday).


The Midwest UX Conference is a unique three-day event that combines inspiring talks with hands-on activities presented by a mix of regional professionals and international experts.

The Road Trip from the Toledo Region is made up of 2 vehicles:

  • One is leaving from the Maumee area Wednesday evening; the other is departing from BG at 4pm on Thursday
  • On Saturday, one car is leaving a bit early (about 5pm) and one is heading home after the conference (about 8pm)

If you want to travel with us, let me know ASAP!

If you have not decided yet if you can attend the conference, there are a few tickets left.


Ignite UX Michigan is an evening of 5 minute talks on a range of user experience related topics. This is a free event, open to the public. It is Tuesday, October 21st: networking starts at 6pm and the talks begin at 7pm. It takes place at Conor O’Neill’s, an Irish pub and restaurant in Ann Arbor.

The Talks:

  • User Interface Design is Magic. No, Really by Mike Beasley. UIs are magic rituals; we manipulate symbols that in turn manipulate the real world. A philosophical and practical discussion about design.
  • Never Look for Another UX Job Again by Emily Bowman. Want your next UX job to find you, instead of the other way around? I’ve got five tips to make it happen.
  • The Future of UX: Less is Enough in 25 years by Lija Hogan. How do UX designers deliver value in a world with limited resources where everyone has the tools to build their own things and experiences?
  • The Naked Persona: Create Stripped-Down, Useful Personas That Work by Jodee Jernigan. Think personas are too time-consuming and rarely useful? Strip them down to the bare essentials with key strategies that identify your users.
  • Unlocking LATCH by Kat King. ‘LATCH’ represents the 5 ways to organize information (according to Richard Saul Wurman) but what does that even mean, and is he right?
  • Resisting the Cargo Cult of UX Strategy by Travis LaFleur. Keeping the big picture in mind while learning from how others have approached (seemingly) similar problems.
  • The UX of Project Management by Ben Lauren. My 5 mins on the UX of project management? Adopting an agile workflow, developing improv skills, & creating responsive, adaptive workspaces.
  • Designing for Learning by Mike McLeod. A critique of academic software “design” and a detailed example of how smaller products grounded in theory can empower teachers and students.
  • Letting Your Looks Go: How to Effectively Collaborate With a Visual Designer by Kate McLoughlin. As a Visual Designer who works in a UX-driven work environment, I’ll share 5 tips on how to effectively collaborate with a Visual Designer.
  • Cutting through the junk: Telling stories through data visualization by Willie Northway. It’s essential to streamline your designs in order to tell a powerful story of what’s happening, and how this is different from usual.
  • Understanding high school girls in a learning environment by Jeff Stern. I taught at Girls Who Code this summer. What strategies can be used to engage high school girls in learning environments and with tech?
  • Web Accessibility and Disability by Kyle Stewart. I will be talking about the wide range of disabilities that impact our customers using celebrity examples and how to better design for them.
  • Stranger in a Strange Land: Traveling & UX Design by Jackie Wolf. What is the “body language” of UX? Being the only one in a room that speaks your language teaches you to sympathize with your user.

I attended Ignite UX Michigan last year, and it was spectacular. Good beer, yummy food, great company, awesome talks! See igniteuxmi.com for more information. If you want to carpool, contact me. I will probably leave at 5pm.