August Newsletter

I started using MailChimp and created my first “official” email newsletter. Below are the details from the first newsletter, sent on August 3rd. If you did not get this one and want to get the next one, you can sign up for the newsletter on the right of most pages on this site.

User Experience Update

What is happening the rest of the year

There are some events coming up related to user experience: check them out and plan to join us!

Another Rosenfeld Media virtual conference is being scheduled for November. Once it is announced, I will see if anyone is interested in gathering at a central location to participate together.

I helped a team from Detroit make a proposal to host Midwest UX in 2015. If Detroit wins the bid, we will be looking for sponsors, volunteers, and attendees from the Toledo region.

Finally, I am working on an idea for a “UX Roundtable” series, where someone presents a design challenge based on a current project and we talk about it. If this sounds interesting, contact me and you can help me figure out what it might be.

Keith Instone
UX Toledo Region