November events

Local UX events in November around the world are often lined up with World Usability Day (2nd Thursday each year). A lot of local groups shift their monthly schedule and topic to match WUD. This year, that is November 14th.

Big event in the Toledo Region for WUD: Web usability panel at BGSU.

Within a few hours drive, there are lots of events to choose from for WUD:

The UP is too far to drive, but I noticed they are having their own all-day conference. Also a bit farther, Chicago is having a week-long series of events, which I think will be the next stage in local community events (“User experience week including World Usability Day”), similar to some “design weeks” that have cropped up. (A bit of history on the early stages of WUD.)

There are a few other things that happened/are happening this month, but just about everything is on the 14th.

Looking ahead to December: