Car pool, limo/shuttle to Midwest UX?

I am definitely going to Grand Rapids, MI, for Midwest UX. Workshops are Thursday, October 17 and the conference is Friday & Saturday October 18 & 19.

I would rather not drive all of the way there and back by myself. I’d rather carpool with others to make the travel more enjoyable. I am also willing to book a limo/shuttle service so we can really enjoy the trip. I have a quote from 1 service that costs roughly $50/person each way, so $100 total per person. For example, a 6-person van is $650 and a 10-passenger limo is $1000.

My travel dates/times are flexible.

  • I can leave Wednesday evening for people who are attending a Thursday workshop: I am not planning on attending a workshop, but I can work remotely from there. I can depart on Thursday.
  • I can depart right away after the conference on Saturday, at 6pm. I can leave following the after-party, later in the evening. I could leave Sunday morning, if others wanted to party late and stay in the hotel 1 more night (but I suspect most of you would rather not).

Who wants to join me?

  • Colleagues from here in the Toledo region. I know some people from Hanson are going to the conference. Who else?
  • If you are in Ann Arbor, we will be passing through on our way and could stop and get you.
  • If you are coming from Cleveland, Columbus or south of us, you might be passing through the Toledo area. You could park here and take the “Toledo shuttle” the rest of the way.

Contact me if you are interested! Let me know your range of travel times/dates so we can see what might work.