Mobile UX Virtual Summit at Hanson, Sept 12

The March survey indicated you wanted online webinars to help you address your user experience professional needs. So I organized a local showing of the May 29th Rosenfeld Summit. It was a hit, so let’s do it again!

This time, the wonderful folks at Hanson are taking the lead, for the September 12th Mobile UX Summit, another virtual conference from Rosenfeld Media. Hanson is hosting it at their offices, and paying for the meeting room ticket, and supplying refreshments. You just need to bring or pay for your lunch. Wow!

About the Mobile UX Summit: 27 tips and 2 case studies

Practical advice on designing mobile experiences.

  • Brad Frost: Media queries
  • Greg Nudelman: Android tips, iOS to Android case study
  • Theresa Neil: Silvercar case study
  • Jason CranfordTeague: Mobile typography
  • Mike Fisher: Mobile user research
  • Josh Clark: Touchscreens

Learn more about the presentations and the speakers at

How to attend in the Toledo Region

Other people around the world will be paying $180 to watch this at their homes, but we have something much better for you.

  • Make sure you can be at Hanson for all/most of the day. We expect mostly locals, but you can drive in from Ann Arbor or elsewhere if you want. If you cannot be at the Toledo location, you cannot participate! The rules say everyone has to be in the same room. If you cannot be in Toledo, you have to buy your own ticket ($179) and watch from your own location.
  • Clear your schedule of meetings for September 12th. You can bring some work to do while you watch the summit (bring your computer so you can check email and work on documents). You can step out for part of the day to take calls if you must.
  • Register on Eventbrite. It is FREE to attend, but Hanson needs to know who will be there to help them plan. We had 50 people in May, so Hanson’s 60 seats might fill up. Decide if you want to pay $10 for a Panera-delivered lunch or not.
  • Recruit some of your colleagues to join you. This is a great deal: great content, free, no long travel involved, hang out with smart people all day.
  • Show up at 9am on September 12th at the Hanson offices in Arrowhead Park. The summit starts at 10am but you will want to get there early to get a good seat, network and socialize, and hear announcements about the other UX things in the works.
  • Enjoy the summit! Watch as the (remote) speakers are projected on a screen. Someone from Hanson can submit questions on behalf of all of us in the room. Use #mobileuxsummit in your tweets to be a part of the global conversation during the event.
  • At 5pm, go out for dinner with your new colleagues (maybe) or go downtown for the Art Walk: start at Seed Coworking. Or go home after a great day of mobile user experience insights, education, and tips.

Recap: Register for free (with or without $10 for lunch), courtesy of Hanson.

And be sure to thank Hanson! They are providing the room, paying $480 for access, doing all of the planning, etc. And making it FREE for you.


PS If you want to attend a SECOND, FREE virtual conference that same week, you can drive to Ann Arbor for the Accessibility Summit (courtesy of Refresh Detroit and the University of Michigan).