July Ohio UX Encounter

During the June Ohio UX Encounter about 24 Hours of UX, we talked about how to keep track of all of the opportunities to attend online meetups, webinars, conferences, etc., in the age of Covid. (By the way, recordings of all 24 hours are now available.)

Let’s get together on July 6th (7pm ET, register at Eventbrite) and explore what various UX communities of interest & practice are doing online in July.

Working list: created July 1, updated July 6

Coming up in July


“Midwest” based

Elsewhere in North America

Around the world

Places to look for more events

By no means complete and I won’t be able to keep up as more gets scheduled this month, and beyond. Above, I specifically did not list events by profit-focused organizations, for example. You may need to do some exploring on your own:

Places to look for more communities

Finding and figuring out the value of UX communities is another big challenge. Just dipping our toes in the water here…

A sample to get us started and trigger a discussion during the July 6th encounter, 7pm.

Join us! (Register at Eventbrite.)