Emotional Life of Internet Things

An updated version of the June 15, 2017 email newsletter.

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I am helping organize an event that I think you will want to attend:

  • What: Michigan UXPA presentation of “The Emotional Life of Internet Things” by Pamela Pavliscak
  • When: Monday, July 10, 2017, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
  • Where: U. of Michigan, North Quad, Room 2245, Ann Arbor
  • Why: Kicking off a revitalized UXPA chapter in Michigan (also serving the Toledo region)

More information:

Register ($10) at Eventbrite

Pam on stage at FBTB

Pamela Who?

You may have not heard of Pamela Pavliscak, and I bet you cannot pronounce her last name. Her work is fascinating! Check out a few things:

This is just a sample. I compiled more about her presentations, writings, etc.

About the talk: The technology we use every day knows a lot about what we do: what we click on, where we go, who we follow. But so far, it doesn’t know much about how we feel. That’s changing. What will it be like when our internet things know how we feel? Let’s invent emotional machines for the human future we want.

I am sure her “Emotional Life of Internet Things” presentation in Ann Arbor on July 10th will be inspirational, educational, and thought-provoking. It may change the way you think about your work.

Register ($10) at Eventbrite

UXPA What?

Yes, there is a User Experience Professionals Association: host of an annual conference, publisher of a magazine, supporter of local chapters, and more.

Michigan UXPA has been dormant for a few years. The July 10th meeting will give you a chance to help us shape the local chapter as we kick off its rebirth. MiUXPA wants to serve the Toledo region. Most events will be an hour away, closer than the Cleveland chapter.

Go for a great talk and give us feedback on what you need to advance your UX career.

One last time: Register ($10) at Eventbrite

Hope to see you on July 10th!