Michigan UXPA

The Michigan User Experience Professionals Association is back! Join us on Monday, July 10th in Ann Arbor to learn more about the local chapter of UXPA International and give input on what you need to advance your career in UX.

The goal is to serve UX professionals in the Toledo region (not just Michigan). Events in southeastern Michigan will be about an hour away: the next closest chapter is in Cleveland.

I have been active in re-forming the chapter and have volunteered to be the Partnerships Lead. I will help build relationships with other organizations, such as universities, companies, non-profits, and other professional associations. My goal is to do this for a year and then pass the torch to someone younger.

As for July 10th, we are kicking things off with a well-known UX pioneerthought leader, speaker and consultantPamela Pavliscak, who focuses on the development of positive technology.

You won’t want to miss Pamela Pavliscak’s visit to our area! Mark July 10th on your calendar for an evening road trip to Ann Arbor. Stay tuned for details on the location and how to register (cost: $10).